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Bike MS Fundraising Tools

Fundraising in a Challenging Economy

Download files:

Frequently Asked Questions about fundraising


General Fundraising Tips

Companies with Matching Gifts Programs

Does your employer have a matching gift fund? If so, be sure to speak with them about matching your gift to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Workbook and Forms

Letter Writing/E-Mail as a Fundraising Tool
By using mail or e-mail to raise money, you can solicit contributions from a variety of sources such as:

  1. Family, friends, neighbors 
  2. Your holiday card list
  3. Colleagues
  4. Business associates
  5. College friends, fraternity/sorority members, clubs, church members
  6. Businesses that you support, places where you spend money

To Be Successful

  1. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for your sponsors to reply.
  2. Insert the web link in your e-mail to make it easy for your donors to contribute.
  3. Personalize your appeal by using familiar details about yourself, your history with the event and why you are doing this event.
  4. Mention details about MS. Connect your sponsors to our mission.
  5. Follow-up with a phone call or e-mail to all those who have not responded.
  6. Always send a thank you note when you receive a contribution. Include details and maybe even a photo. Your donors will be curious how the event went and how much you raised.

Fundraising Programs

Coldstone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery wants to help you with your fundraising. Set a specific date and time with your local Coldstone Creamery and a percentage of the sales during that time goes to the participant’s fundraising efforts.

Meet with the manager of your Coldstone Creamery, complete the necessary forms and then discuss and decide on the specific details accordingly.  The manager will give you a flier to distribute to your supporters. Promote the event and raise money for MS while eating delicious ice cream!


Genevieve’s offers candy and sweets sales for fundraisers.  They feature foods such as Snickers, Nathan’s, Auntie Anne’s, Boston Coffee Cake, Sara Lee and Herbert Candies.  For more information, contact Phil Gahan at 800-354-2263 or

National MS Society Orange Bracelets

The Greater New England Chapter has a limited supply of National MS Society rubber orange bracelets that can be sold as a fundraiser or given as a thank you to special donors.  If you would like to receive a packet of these bracelets to sell (suggested fundraising selling price is $1), please contact Judy Hamer

Papa Gino’s Pizzeria

This program offers participants or teams the opportunity to solicit people to visit Papa Gino's during a pre-determined time period. When guests make their purchase, they present a Papa Gino's flyer for their group. In turn, Papa Gino's will donate 20% of the guest's entire purchase to the benefiting group. The donation is valid on dine-in and carry-out only, provided the person making the purchase presents a fundraiser flyer.

How it Works:

Visit your local Papa Gino’s and request to hold a fundraising party.  They will coordinate a date with you and give you the appropriate paperwork, which you will be responsible for making copies of and distributing to your supporters being invited to Papa Gino’s. The supporters must present these fliers when eating at a Papa Gino’s during the allotted time in order for the walkers to receive credits.

Princess House Fundraisers

Earn 25% of Sales for your Fundraising through Princess House
Princess House fundraisers are a great way to earn money towards your MS fundraising goals.  Customers love the professional-quality home enhancement products and appreciate the opportunity to buy items they'll use every day, while also helping a great cause.  If you'd like a current catalog, contact Leann Kalergis at  She will work one-on-one with you and provide all you'll need to be successful and apply 25% of the total sales to your fundraising goal!

Uno Chicago Grill

Uno is proud to support the local communities it serves through its Dough Raisers program. Host a lunch, dinner or both at your local Uno and earn up to 20% of sales generated from guests who eat at Uno to support the cause.

How it Works:

Total Meal Cost (for example) = $20.00
Number of Meals = 3
Total Day’s Profit = $12.00

The participant or team goes to their local Uno and requests to participate in the “Dough Raisers” program. They will met with the general manager and set a date as their fundraiser and receive their donation tickets. The walkers must make copies of these tickets and distribute them to their supporters. The supporters must present these tickets when eating at Uno’s during the allotted days in order for the walkers to receive credits.

Yankee Candle Fundraising

Sell Yankee Candle products from a special collection catalog and you can receive up to 40% of the sale towards your fundraising effort.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please call Yankee Candle at 800-351-1533 or visit their website at

Blue Tulip

Hold a shopping event in your local Blue Tulip and earn a portion of the sales towards your fundraising! Fundraising events can be held at any time, year round. Spread the word by passing out flyers, sending emails or writing letters to let everyone know in advance about the event. 15% of all sales from the event will be donated back to the National MS Society and credited towards your fundraising. For more information, contact Danielle Kempe, Development Coordinator at or (781) 693-5129. You can also look at Blue Tulip’s website at:

lia sophia (Sharon Magner)

Have a party with the #1 Direct Sales company in the world! You'll get to wear the jewelry all the stars in Hollywood are raving about! We have the best hostess program in the business - YOU WILL BE REWARDED FOR YOUR EFFORTS!  Our jewelry is always on sale and comes with a lifetime guarantee!!  You will receive 30% profit (100% of commissions earned by Sharon Magner) based on total pre-tax and pre-shipping amount of your total product sales.  No order is too small!  I will work with you to get the best results!!  Please contact Sharon Magner at 860-210-8032 or  You can view the catalog and get more information at

My Gyms of Greater Boston

This program offers participants or teams the opportunity to get the kids active while fundraising at the same time! Bring your group in for a scheduled hour of nonstop fun; you will receive exclusive use of our state-of-the-art facility while experienced My Gym teachers handle everything. Take advantage of this amazing fundraising opportunity where 100% of your guests’ contributions will be donated to the MS society. Please visit our website at

Participating locations: Boston, Newton, and Walpole MA. Dates and time are subject to availability. For more information please contact Sara Yearian at 617-789-3669 or

Raise Funds with Pampered Chef Cooking or Catalog Shows

Now more than ever, people are eating more at home and looking for some great recipe ideas and products to make their meals easier and cost-efficient. Hosting a Pampered Chef cooking show is a great way to earn some money for your team - and have a fun evening as well!  We eat, laugh and raise money for a great cause! Karen Duby, Independent Sales Director, makes it very easy for you - and even takes care of all the invitations for you!
Hosts receive 25% of the sales as a donation for your group. Any additional bookings from your show also adds extra money for your group as well. And all hosts receive a bonus gift and special from their show. Karen has additional incentives and ideas to help you raise even more!
Catalog shows: Unable to host something in person? Host a catalog or online show to attract long-distance friends and family.  Karen will send you all the catalogs and forms that you'll need.
Also, Karen is available to particpate with a table at any fundraising events. For more information, please contact Karen Duby, Independent Advanced Sales Director for the Pampered Chef (and MS Challenge Walker!) at 508-853-2179 or

Pure, Safe and Beneficial Fundraising with Arbonne

Why choose Arbonne? The Arbonne difference includes- formulated in Switzerland and made in the USA, botanically based, contain no animal products and are never tested on animals, dermatologist-tested, contain no mineral oil, dyes or chemical fragrances.  We have something for everyone including face, hair and body care products; cosmetics, aromatherapy, and nutritional supplements; products for men and women and for babies, teens and beyond.

I would love to help you raise funds for the MS society.  I have the ability to donate 100% of the retail profit to your organization, which is 35-48% of the total sales.  Ways to take advantage of this offer: 

  1. Host a party (Spa, Makeover, Skincare).
  2. Pick a product for you and your team to sell and I provide sell sheets, enter orders and deliver product to team captain.
  3. Host a catalog or online show to reach more of your friends and family. 

Choose any or all of the above ideas.   Any additional bookings from your show will add extra money to your organization.  All hosts receive a gift the night of their show.  All guests have a great time and feel pampered.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kathleen Beede, Independent Consultant, District Manager for Arbonne International, (603) 512-6644,


The Greater New England Chapter is pleased to have a new sponsor partnership with PatientsLikeMe.

Ever wondered how other MS patients are living full lives with the disease?  The PatientsLikeMe Multiple Sclerosis Community wants you to take control of your MS by sharing your health information with others just like you.  By sharing your symptoms, treatments and more, you can gain insight into how others manage their MS while helping others learn from your experiences. 

We hope you find the Patients Like Me community a valuable resource. The information posted at the Patients Like Me community are the opinions and experiences of individuals and do not necessarily represent the views of the National MS Society.

PatientsLikeMe would like to help support your fundraising efforts.  PatientsLikeMe will sponsor your team and donate towards your fundraising efforts if you become eligible for the PatientsLikeMeInMotion™ program.  Find out more at PatientsLikeMeInMotion.

Fit Werx

Fit Werx would like to donate to your fundraising effort and help you reach your goal. With every purchase you or someone you know makes at Fit Werx, you will earn Fit Werx charitable dollars which will then be donated directly to your fundraising. Simply sign up for the “Fit Werx Gives Back” charitable donation initiative by filling out the simple form at a participating location or email your name, the event, date of event and the charity’s name in which the donation will be made to or With every pre-event purchase made at Fit Werx, Fit Werx will donate three percent (3%) of your pre-tax spending to your personal fundraising. Fit Werx will make the donation the week of your event either via check or through your online fundraising site. Starting on the day you sign up until the day of your event, every purchase including fitting services, new bike purchase, holiday gift card purchases, etc. will be included. You can also tell your family and friends to mention your fundraising efforts at check-out and we will gladly credit their pre-tax spending to your total as well. Fit Werx realizes that charity and benefit rides are important to the folks who are riding for a variety of reasons, as well as the funding needed to help change the future of the beneficiary. We hope that giving back to your event will help accomplish your fundraising goals.


Feel good about your financial future and continue your support of National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Lise P. Lavoie, a supporter and member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, is giving you an opportunity to continue to show your support for NMSS by contributing $50.00 when you attend a complimentary initial meeting.

Whether you’re new to planning or are an experienced investor, taking the opportunity to meet with Lise Lavoie may help you feel more confident about your financial decisions, goals and plans. Just for attending the complimentary meeting, National Multiple Sclerosis Society will receive a $50.00 donation.

Ameriprise Financial is a financial services and planning company built on a heritage of more than 110 years.  The first meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor is a no-pressure get-to-know-you session.  During this meeting you’ll review your financial situation and be introduced to the collaborative approach to financial planning developed by Ameriprise Financial. If after this initial meeting you decide you want to proceed and purchase a financial plan, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society will receive an additional $50.00 donation.

To find out more or to schedule your complimentary initial meeting, contact Lise P. Lavoie:

Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple offers a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives. Tastefully Simple Fundraisers are great, and a pleasant alternative to the usual fundraising options. Please contact Sue-Anne Couture if you are interested in doing a fundraiser with Tastefully Simple to raise money for any of your MS events, or if you have any questions: Sue-Anne Couture Evans, Tastefully Simple Team Leader,, 978-289-4120.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Challenge Walker Kim Stevens will donate 40% of all Mary Kay proceeds to the MS Challenge Walk (for Challenge Walkers only). You can order product at For more information, contact

Not Your Average Joe's

Enter your worthy cause, and it might become a Not Your Average Cause. Here’s how it works:

Visit the Not Your Average Joe's web site to request a National MS Society fundraiser. Or if you have questions, send email to

Other Ideas


Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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